If you are in London why not come to this?


SuperRefraction refers to a meteorological condition that causes the trajectory of electromagnetic waves to bend in an arc as they approach the earth’s curvature. An unexpected and counter intuitive property of the heat and moisture content of the atmosphere, SuperRefraction serves to plot an arc between the chance happenings of our environment and a deeper understanding of our everyday, habituated, interactions with it.

Generally, radar ranges are extended when superRefractive conditions exist.

Five artists and one writer have set about a group show at the artist run space Vulpes-Vulpes in Deepest Clapton. Working in sculpture, performance and drawing these artists strive to question and understand the abstract assumptions made of the material object through the explorative nature of their work.

The work of these emerging artists and the new developments that emerge through their showing together is the reason for this exciting and forward looking show. Some work will be made in response to the gallery space some to ongoing conversations between the artists and some to a text which will be printed as part of the show.

The work revolves variously around our relationship to the object, an exploration of wonderment, lyricism of form, links between form and history and ideas of integrity and honesty in material discourse. An ethic of openness and generosity binds these artists work and although their practice and thought shares a history this will be the first time they have all shown together. The space is intended as generative, each work angling off from another, sustaining in potential a dialogue that the viewer enters upon and thus activates and physically disrupts. This is a trap set for light.

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