“otherwise get the tea to recruit like hell, even get Norway tea to go under in a sea of glitter, joy and Kylie Minogue songs.”

a discussion of trans issues, which begun as a discussion about a norwegian right-wing politician’s child coming out as a trans woman. translated by google translator from norwegian (plus stavanger dialect, plus norwenglish, plus some random english frases). it’s a damn treat! feast your eyes southward:


My 50 cents: 1) Yes, that’s totally inconceivable that “treats” bother to hide his gender identity, considering the great reaction they get when they come out of the social, family, friends, health and judicial system. Discrimination? Depression and suicide statistics? Violence? Reduced participation in social and work? Tran Phobia?. Bull, that’s just enjoy and support, understanding and respect from all sides. The fact that this man has hidden his gender identity in all years must be a cunning and selfish plot to hurt his wife and children. The bastard. 2) Camilla Lind Alen has as much sympathy for the “treats” that I have for her self-victimizing Backwards bullshit. And thank you for your statement that the trans-sexual “orientation” not your tear to be ashamed of, Carl I. Hagen, that means about nothing when it comes from an asshole like you. 3) What the hell? Is there right and wrong way to be in a trance? E the “right” way to hide in a cellar, internalize transehat, pretending nothing, and save society the suffering of his own neurotic phobia trans? 4) Well hell, I hate when these “trans-late” appear in the media and say that it s nice and cozy and humane and acceptable to be transgender. We must only show sjølhat, isolation, pain and suffering – otherwise get the tea to recruit like hell, even get Norway tea to go under in a sea of glitter, joy and Kylie Minogue songs.
Dear Norwegian press: Transsexualism / gendered am not an “orientation” and “tranvestitt ’s not the same as transsexual / gender. Have some idea of the terminology before docking publish articles. Neutral, objective and respectful press? Particular. End to describe Lise Lind Alen as “he,” “ex-husband,” “ex-in-law.”

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Purple Blue said …Set amazing price on this post. Did not know how I make shoes of my remit I heard about it on the radio. x xMay 20, 2010 6:56 AM May 20, 2010 6:56 AM
Kier said …

I va mine in an essay of a comment when I uheligvis press back space and everything disappeared. e where the tear way to get it tebake? I think I get tea to start to cry.

May 20, 2010 8:04 AM May 20, 2010 8:04 AM

Kier said …it goes depends on the kids tear way to get a buffered version of this page tebake? unpublished comments furniture must not be saved anyway. shit, it was fucking tough to write it, I think kids I bear to go into it again. maybe a day or two. but linda: I love you with all my soul, or a total of my brain, since it’s where it all lying down. but with my body and, my body’s memories of squeezing you, etc, miss you and love you and. it makes a bit of pain right now. xxx you’re so fine.May 20, 2010 8:10 AM May 20, 2010 8:10 AM
kier said… Kier said …a small point: trance = fagot = negro when it come from the tear that Hagen lips. he has no right tea that word, just as I do not have a tear right tea all the racist terms that have been used against anyone who e of other than Caucasian ethnicity of the language’s history. it’s those that are applied and which must endure words that they and only they, have the right to use your words or not to use them. words that the e as an act of violence carried out on the body and the person tea all “groups” who experience this type of hatred from the society around them. the pain I live in the following of that word, and others, gives me the right tea to take the word tebake and redefine it as I want.. I’ve “earned”. I wish I did not live in a situation where I va in the position of having to “earn” things like that. I wish those e born with privileges (privileges that did not tear things with what you have or can perform and make myself) could take it for granted, and a duty of te people around him to edukere * himself and try to begin to understand the oppressed people experience. I see it as my duty to learn, understand and respect (of their experience) tear of the minority people, especially those that one my community, those e close to me, go through. it’s the least I can do as an individual who has “the privilege **” of being white, educated, liberal raised, Wealthy, ablebodied, etc. I personally have no “privilege ** (see note marked ** and modify as Necessary to this point) to be heterosexual, non-queer, cisgendered (ie not transgender / gender queer / etc.) conventionally attractive within the general perception of attractiveness in my gender (identity) s group, the psychological (and one can also reasoning physical ) health, being male (at least in society and the state judged, at this point in my transition), not to be part of a religion ** (** see and modify as Necessary blah blah) that its members experience the succession and oppression “because of” and a bunch of other things. but this email in no way a wildcard when it come to tea to meet My duty towards other people to try to make their world more livable. and not just because all the hatred of this type of e a hatred towards us and vice versa. if I manage to find space for this in my head (like e a fucking mess, seriously), koffor can not those who e more privileged than me? is to never stop educating myself in these areas email a large part of Kössen I see myself as a person, and no, I do not mean that one had to pat myself on the back for a job well done “. As mentioned further down, white guilt s understandable, but it’s a total dead end for us all, and a typical symptom of being privileged people: to turn all the tea to be about himself. Thus, my God, knock it off.del 1 av 2, forts. Part 1 of 2, cont. nedenfor. below.May 20, 2010 10:59 AM May 20, 2010 10:59 AM
kier said… Kier said …Part 2 of 3 (yes, now became three. for blogs counter lying! you lie! it’s not more than 4090 characters whatever, not even a space! 4005 characters!), cont. * Remember: it’s none other than yourself and your obligation of tea to take part in your education on this topic. and especially not minority people of the “battle” to try to educate you about. actually: never ask a minority person about things concerning the minority, except if the person has put himself in the role of training on this topic. and shoes tear choose to do it, you shall be damn grateful. we do not blame you one damn thing. What I mean by “privilege” of being “white”-e hudet because of the way society is almost always open up freely to people who e white, and close just as quickly for everyone else. what I do not absoulutt meine e that the white ethnicity e overdannig (or underdannig) tear other peoples. it to be a part of the white race “(yes! white people have ethnicity too! Kem would have thought it!) can often feel shameful, given our history of oppression, sadism, imperialism and the destruction of / against other people. but it’s important to know that the shame is not e helpful in itself, it does not shame tear for tear. replace it with shame to actively go out to educate * yourself.May 20, 2010 11:02 AM May 20, 2010 11:02 AM
kier said… Kier said …del 3 av 3, forts. Part 3 of 3, cont.
summary: we just try to create a situation for ourselves that we can survive, and perhaps even make it in. Good for ourselves, rather than tear others. The struggle for real lives not tea tear other people! shocking agenda, I sense. it’s you and only you, who are at risk to present yourself and tear other than heterosexual and cisgendered.

anywhore[not a mistranslation], I e off of tea recruiting tear new “treats” of tea our radical, liberal, anarchist (the part your actual personal True), fascist, Satan’s plan to force all heterosexual white men in the world of tea to walk in high heels and suck dick all day long. I promise, it’s fun then! no tear to be afraid before. Yeah, you shall not fucking believe all we fagot not e united in a struggle to reshape the world in our own image (Wed suck that “god”!). Kössen we can all be in intimate contact with each other you ask? uh, we have telepathy. if you join us and you shall receive. promise.seriously, come on over! it’s like Sodom and Gomorrah all over again in here in your closet you see! we have our own babel tower and everything! we shall all dance disco in purgatory, there is a Hoot and half. … On reflection I will not be Carl I. Hagen in our little gay club. he can stay in the basement where he constantly will be mentally and physically tortured and mutilert, forced tea to see queer (propaganda?) film for queer film around the clock.even the completely forjævlig bad that I would not put myself out. and no, you are not allowed to die either, carl. enjoy eternity in the snake’s garden. muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ***.*** Err, if I am ill because of the tear would be famøs one day and tear cite this paragraph, I just say that: there are not a eineste things in fiction or in the human mind the world is not e okay, as e prohibited.one can distinguish fantasy from reality (and it will probably all “ordinary” people say that they can, there may the not be tear risk in exploring his brain totally, and believe me, all sick as human tear ever done or performed tear in the media, are all in our heads. it’s just live with it). it’s perhaps the fear of the possibilities in your own head that allow the development of tea all this strange fear that you live with. maybe you should think about it. just like I have to remember that when bad things happen in my life, and I’m suddenly convinced that I have bad because I e fuck fat (eg e normal weight, not that there s an important point), so e only one misplassering of my pain at the easiest target I can find. as Asides, eating disorder was created by my bastard closet to be transsexual. jaja but true, you shall tell me damn kids “treats” not having fun! um, okay, damn hill, and so and so forth Wed.okay, bye.May 20, 2010 11:03 AM May 20, 2010 11:03 AM
kier said… Kier said … I shall leave a øyelikk, I promise. the text va incidentally not the same, or rather the same point of the I lost. this email like 10% of what I had planned to write, but I trordet furniture with it. Perhaps it’s the best. God, I should only have linked tea primer on privilege, white giult, transphobia / homophobia / everything else (they certainly never come alone).
lament my cruel, horride norwenglish greece language. sigh, now email me exhausted. leaves Gator.
May 20, 2010 11:07 AM May 20, 2010 11:07 AM
kier said… Kier said …* Privilege, jeez.May 20, 2010 11:10 AM May 20, 2010 11:10 AM
ps-most emphasis mine.

sources: pinduskij (in english), bitches in heat, vg.

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