OK, so if anyone wants to chime in on this that’d be great and helpful:

I’ve spent the last week trying to work out why I came out of Greg Araki’s latest film, Kaboom, feeling so frustrated. I’m a fan of the majority of his earlier films, but there was something about this one that just didn’t seem to get me emotionally, which I found surprising.

On paper, in many ways it would seem that Kaboom was custom made for me, in as much as the preponderance of its themes feature quite high in my interests and also to those that I’ve often tried to focus on and/or investigate in my own work: teenagers, death, sex, online communication. And yet when I left the cinema I was left feeling … well, not that much.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of expectations and wondering if that had anything to do with my lack of connection with the film. Did I take too much into the film with me? Had my imagination been loaded in advance to automatically start framing the film into a shape that it just naturally couldn’t fit? There were definitely interesting elements to the film, and perhaps it was just a matter of aesthetics – I didn’t feel like it was a particularly bad film – so perhaps it was just that the director went about investigating or dealing with the themes carried in Kaboom in a very different way to the approach that I may have taken had I been working with them in my writing.

I dunno, perhaps I just wasn’t moved and that’s that but I thought I’d write a quick note on here in case there’s anyone reading who has seen the film and has any comments that they’d like to chip in with.

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