Not because I want you

A photograph of Lindsay Lohan at night. It looks like she’s leaving a restaurant with friends. There’s a girl with long brown hair in the background, her face just out of shot. Lindsay’s hair is long and blonde. She’s dressed all in black – black leather jacket, black top, black jeans, black bag, big black sunglasses. She’s holding a set of car keys. The caption says that the girl in the background is Ali Lohan.

:A photograph of Lindsay Lohan outside what I guess might be a nightclub. She’s standing in front of a plain grey wall next to a big chubby guy with a slightly greasy forehead. He looks a little reminiscent of Jack Osbourne when he was a teenager and on The Osbournes. Lindsay looks tanned, her hair is bleached. She’s wearing blue eyeliner.

:A photograph of a boy with a tattooed neck and a sweatshirt with a Nintendo logo on it laughing in front of a hazy city sunset.

:The words EPIC FAIL written in bitmap.

:A picture of the band Crystal Castles.

:A photograph of Lindsay Lohan at what might be a charity event. The photograph is from the waist up and it looks like she’s wearing a beige jumper, although it might be a dress. She has “natural look” makeup on and it looks like she may have had some Botox injections. She’s standing in front of a white backdrop with various logos on which aren’t clear. It looks like one says THE CREATIVE FOUNDATION. There are blue and red stars on another logo which might say the words “Stars” and “Families” in it.

:A photograph of Lindsay Lohan walking into what looks like a multi-storey car park at night. She’s wearing big black sunglasses and a white shirt that is buttoned up about half way; underneath that she’s wearing a white top or bra. She’s carrying a black handbag. The black bag is held under her left arm and her right arm is holding the front of it.

:A .gif of the old MTV logo from the 80s, with changing colours.

:The next photograph is from the same set taken in the multi-story car park. It’s a full body shot. Lindsay’s wearing white jeans and silver shoes.

:Some tarot cards.

:A picture of a Vans skate shoe.

:A photograph of a model walking down a catwalk wearing a pink off-the-shoulder dress, carrying a pink clutch and wearing red or orange shoes. The model’s hair is held back tightly. There’s a straight pink line running down the catwalk and up the back wall that its adjoined to. The caption says that the clothes that the model is wearing in the photo are from a collection designed by Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan, and that the photographs were shot at the Ungaro Spring 2010 Prete-A-Porter Show.

:A stylised photo of cup of Starbucks coffee next to a Krispy Kreme donut tray.

:A sunset.

:Capital letters that read: MESSAGES PLEASE?

:A girl with lots of red lipstick, in an oversized grey sweatshirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it, leaning towards the camera and pulling an expression that is meant to be half cute/half sexy and is/isn’t depending on whoever looks at it.

:A photograph of a Japanese woman with orangey/blonde hair. Someone has edited a rectangle of crass purple/orange/blue/green spectrum style graphics that keep changing, and put it across the picture so that it blocks out her eyes.

:A close-up photograph of some pink Prozac tablets.

:A photograph of a model walking down a catwalk wearing a pink skirt, black bra and short black jacket. The pink skirt starts at just above the model’s navel and ends at her thighs. The model is wearing red lipstick and her hair is tied back. The caption says that the clothes that the model is wearing in the photo are from a collection designed by Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan, and that the photographs were shot at the Ungaro Spring 2010 Prete-A-Porter Show.

:A $100 note with a black and white photo of Nicki Mina pasted over where the president’s head usually is.

:A photograph of Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan walking down the catwalk at the end of their Ungaro Spring 2010 Prete-A-Porter Show. Estrella Archs has long dark hair and is wearing what looks like a black strapless dress, a black jacket and black shoes. Lindsay Lohan’s hair is blonde and she’s wearing a white off-the-shoulder dress and red shoes.

:A close-up photograph of Lindsay Lohan. Her hair is very light blonde and it doesn’t look like she’s wearing much makeup apart from mascara. She’s smiling. The caption says that it was taken in Singapore on 24/9/09.

:A picture of Tyler, The Creator holding a skateboard.

:A photorealist painting of a wolf and a waterfall that would look at home on a modern t shirt or on a shitty painting you might find in a shitty hippy shop.

:Tiny writing in italic red lettering that says: you give me goosebumps.

:A photo of a teenage boy with a floppy fringe pretending to be scared of and cower away from a life-size model of one of the ghosts from Pacman.

:A photograph of Lindsay Lohan leaning against a white table which has a bottle and empty glasses lined up in front of it. Lindsay is wearing a black top, a white cardigan and a flowery skirt. Behind the table is a backdrop that says F1 ROCKS, SINGAPORE. The caption says that the photograph was taken in Singapore on 24/9/09.

:Two teenage punks with heavily tattooed torsos, fucking, in black and white.

:Three inverted crosses.

:A photograph of Lindsay Lohan arriving somewhere in the daytime. In the background there’s a car with blacked windows that I presume she has just got out of. The door of the car is open. Lindsay is wearing black sunglasses, a black hat and a black/dark grey dress that is quite short and has tassles. He legs look tanned and she looks like she’s nervous or in a hurry. You can make out a little bit of a large man standing next to her who looks like he might be a minder/bodyguard or someone along those lines.

:The words: DESTROY WHAT DESTROYS YOU superimposed onto some clouds.

:A photograph of Lindsay Lohan crossing a road in the daytime. She’s walking towards where the photograph is being taken from and her left hand is on her head like she’s pulling her hair out of her face. It looks windy. She’s wearing orange tinted sunglasses and her hair has been straightened. She’s got a gold necklace on the hangs down over her chest. She’s got a white dress on. In the background there’s a white wooden house, a white picket fence and a green tree. It looks like summer.

:An animated .gif of Bill Cosby. Someone has edited it together so it looks like he’s mouthing the words: DIE, CUNT.

:A photograph of Lindsay Lohan that looks like it was taken to promote the white jacket that she’s wearing. She’s standing side on and she’s holding the collar of the jacket and her mouth is a little open. She’s pouting a little and you can see her teeth.

:A shot from Beetlejuice, when Geena Davis’s character has transformed herself into a monster by stretching out her mouth and putting her eyes on her tongue.

:A photo of a cherry blossom tree.

:A black and white photograph of Lindsay Lohan taken in a bar. She’s wearing a black dress and looking at the camera. The bar looks like a dive. It looks dirty. There’s a guy in a flannel shirt sitting with his back to Lindsay. Lindsay is sitting with friends. They’re wearing expensive looking but “dressed down” style clothes but don’t look like they’ve been partying. If think the photograph is an advertisement for something.

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