Inner Life

Inner Life

January 31st, 2010 by David Rylance

“The next day I lunched in a carrel. I read how Caligula annexed parts of Rome for his palace. City blocks became hallways, tenements became suites. In one suite he opened a brothel. Men could go and sleep with the boys and married women who worked there.” — Derek McCormack, Dark Rides, 1996.
1. Joseph Cornell: Setting for a Fairy Tale (1942)

Setting for a Fairy Tale

2. Stalin in his Kremlin office: propaganda poster:

Stalin in his Kremlin office propaganda poster

3. Standard Internet Image of a Black Hole:

4. Novelty Lung Ashtray:

4. Novelty Lung Ashtray

5. Anal interior, captured via camera probe: a still from a gay bareback porn film:

a still from a gay bareback porn film

6. Chest-burster from Ridley Scott’s Alien: official promotional still:

official promotional still

7. Marco Dente: Ornamental Engraving (1525)

Ornamental Engraving

8. The Fuji Zeppelin Colouring-In Page

9. Amfora: a computer-generated model of a proposed underground parking network for the city of Amsterdam

proposed underground parking

10. The Braille Alphabet in English:

The Braille Alphabet in English

11. Marcel Duchamp: Objet-Dard (1951)


12. Autopsy photo of the guillotined criminal, Canute Vromant (1909)

13. A fossilized wasp, not to scale

fossilized wasp

14. Jim Shaw: Dream Object (I Dreamt I was putting together this piece of abstract drawings) (2002)

Dream Object

“Nothing leads nowhere,
The centuries also live underground, says the Master of Ho.”
– Henri Michaux, ‘Labyrinth’, Épreueves, Exorcismes, 1944.