There Are More Questions Than Answers



As part of a workshop at the National Theatre Studio on Friday 29th January I asked the participants to write down four questions, one each for any four of the following possible interviewees: someone you love or loved romantically and is no longer around; an extra-terrestrial; a teddybear or plushy toy you’ve ever had; a dead film star; a cat or dog or goldfish; someone you used to sit next to in class and haven’t seen since; your doctor or dentist; anyone whose picture you had on your wall as a teenager; anyone else in this room. The sixteen questions above were taken from the 32 that the workshop participants wrote. This writing exercise was part of making a short theatre work, and at that stage had nothing to do with the idea of this post.


UK residents reported as missing persons since the start of January 2010.

Inner Life

Inner Life

January 31st, 2010 by David Rylance

“The next day I lunched in a carrel. I read how Caligula annexed parts of Rome for his palace. City blocks became hallways, tenements became suites. In one suite he opened a brothel. Men could go and sleep with the boys and married women who worked there.” — Derek McCormack, Dark Rides, 1996.
1. Joseph Cornell: Setting for a Fairy Tale (1942)

Setting for a Fairy Tale

2. Stalin in his Kremlin office: propaganda poster:

Stalin in his Kremlin office propaganda poster

3. Standard Internet Image of a Black Hole:

4. Novelty Lung Ashtray:

4. Novelty Lung Ashtray

5. Anal interior, captured via camera probe: a still from a gay bareback porn film:

a still from a gay bareback porn film

6. Chest-burster from Ridley Scott’s Alien: official promotional still:

official promotional still

7. Marco Dente: Ornamental Engraving (1525)

Ornamental Engraving

8. The Fuji Zeppelin Colouring-In Page

9. Amfora: a computer-generated model of a proposed underground parking network for the city of Amsterdam

proposed underground parking

10. The Braille Alphabet in English:

The Braille Alphabet in English

11. Marcel Duchamp: Objet-Dard (1951)


12. Autopsy photo of the guillotined criminal, Canute Vromant (1909)

13. A fossilized wasp, not to scale

fossilized wasp

14. Jim Shaw: Dream Object (I Dreamt I was putting together this piece of abstract drawings) (2002)

Dream Object

“Nothing leads nowhere,
The centuries also live underground, says the Master of Ho.”
– Henri Michaux, ‘Labyrinth’, Épreueves, Exorcismes, 1944.