untitled # 1

pinches my back
so i turn
tries to lift up
the back of my
t shirt
flinch because
i still never
believe people

scrapes a finger
on his cheek
asks if i can see
that it’s red
dark and hard
to tell

says he’s sick
and asks what
my day has been

tells me he
went to the
hospital saw
his doctor
and then
bought a coke

i tell him he
can’t touch
me anymore
and he asks
me my name

runs out across
the street but
leaves his drink
and when he’s
back he choses
a corner

his whole frame
looks so flimsy
every bone
i’d guess he’s 50
says he’s been
ill for a long time
but that his body
just doesn’t want
to die

says his doctor
is a good one
and that it fills
his days and
different pills
knowing to take
which ones and
when means
he has
to stay sober
but he says
that last bit
and laughs

to remember

his glass is a sturdy
watery pink and ice
with spit round the
top and he’s shaking

another guy laughs
when he moves to
the corner and sits
rubbing his own
body with his eyes
closed like he’s
flirting with himself

i wave when
as i walk towards
don’t want to feel
cruel and i don’t
expect a sorry but
his eyes are still
he’s already where
he wanted to be

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